Increase Resident Collections with RealPage and BYL's OneSite Integration

Posted by Ryan Howard


Leasing multifamily, student housing or military housing includes loads of paperwork. From rental applications to lease agreements, and all of the accounting in between, property managers must maintain these documents, especially if landlord/tenant relations go sour. Some property managers choose to use an online system to make things easier and to stay in compliance with federal, state and local regulations. One system that offers an end-to-end solution to manage property operations is called RealPage's OneSite.

BYL Collections is proud to be a Certified OneSite AppPartner.

Here's How RealPage and BYL's collections Integration will help offer a return on your Property investment.

Property Leasing

Property owners and leasing managers now have an integrated dashboard at their fingertips by using RealPage's software, OneSite. The system offers a way to analyze lease offerings, forecast revenues, review demand and occupancy and still have time for face-to-face interactions with current tenants or prospects. A Smart Leasing mobile tablet allows property managers to have access to available apartments, amenities, prices and other leasing tools on the spot. Prospects can view images, sign a lease and make a deposit through your website's integration with RealPage's OneSite. Their information is entered directly, by the tenant, so there is less of a chance of data entry errors. 


Property Management

Residents can make rent payments online or with emoney orders from retail stores. RealPage also offers a way for property managers to take credit card payments via phone. Through the online portal, residents can sign or renew their leases, request maintenance and reserve amenities such as a party room. OneSite's mobile app allows maintenance technicians to receive work orders directly on their mobile device. Purchasing from or billing vendors can also be done online.  Making the processes and payment options more efficient, residents are happier and property managers are able to stay on top of other tasks that may require more attention. 

 Learn moreSee how BYL integrates resident collections with OneSite.


With state and federal regulations on mulifamily housing growing ever more complicated, many property managers or owners can easily overlook compliance concerns and suffer financial losses on their properties. RealPage offers onsite property audits to determine compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Fair Housing Amendments Act. They will also monitor compliance with local, state and federal affordable housing certifications. Because leasing and other paperwork is electronic and stored via the RealPage OneSite system, file audits are readily accessible to ensure compliance as well.



Residents can make one online payment to take care of rent, utilities, and other fees. Property managers can also take credit card payments via the phone, much like an ACH, or otherwise scan in checks as they come in for payment. Because the system is integrated with vendor billing and maintenance, owners and managers have easy access to a dashboard or other comparative or trending accounting reports. These reports offer details on costs, expected revenue forecasts and allow managers to be aware if there will be a deficit, if vendors are overcharging and other financial concerns. 



If rent becomes past due and the timing requires the tenant account be sent to collections, RealPage's OneSite portal already has the paperwork the collections agency will need to attempt debt recovery. Since BYL is certified as an AppPartner through the RealPage Exchange - AppPartner Program, there is no additional cost to the property managers to send the files and information over to collections. With property management collections, the quicker the account can be sent to collections, the more likely the debt can be recovered.

Certified AppPartners with OneSite are tightly integrated with RealPage systems. This means the data is secure and there is no extra cost to RealPage clients. Interested in learning more? Learn How to  Streamline Resident Collections

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