Simplified collection reporting, tailored for your business.


BYL can help your business establish benchmarks and key performance indicators. As a client, you'll gain access to account activity, collector notes and our real-time reporting suite. Listen to call recordings, post comments, or request payment adjustments directly from the web.

Integrated rent collection is just the beginning.

BYL’s expertise in this category includes student housing, multifamily housing and military housing. We offer our client base of owners, operators and third-party managers:

  • Property management software (PMS) integrations for seamless resident balance and rent collection assignment, including Entrata Billing and Collections
  • Recovery of pre- and post-move out tenant collections
  • Skip tracing
  • Credit bureau reporting to TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax
  • Applicant and guarantor collection strategies
  • Segmentation of balance types for key performance indicators (i.e., normal damages versus accelerated rent)
  • Collection specialists with property management experience
  • Online reporting suite for client access to web-based collection software
  • Peer analysis that enables clients to compare their account performance to that of their industry peers
  • Lower collection fee rates
  • Reduced tenant screening costs through sister-company, VeriFirst®

Property Management

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Self-pay collections, insurance denial claims and more.

BYL helps hospitals, physician offices, medical device providers and other healthcare organizations maintain a healthy bottom line. We offer our clients:

  • A working knowledge of multiple practice management software (PMS) providers for seamless data transfers and account assignments
  • Quality control monitoring for increased patient satisfaction
  • Patient-centric approach to recoveries stressing education and sensitivity
  • In-depth knowledge of patient/responsible party relationships
  • Extensive experience in claims evaluation including insurance follow up, appeals and denials
  • Highly trained collection specialists with healthcare industry experience
  • Detailed reporting by division, organization and/or payer
  • Online reporting suite for client access to web-based collection software
  • Reduced expenses for patient billing and revenue cycle management through sister-company, VARO Healthcare
  • Access to for real-time patient access to medical billing histories, communication preferences and payment options

Consumer and commercial debt collection from a single vendor.

BYL also works with B2B companies, utilities, e-commerce, direct response marketers, retailers and others. We offer these clients:

  • A quick recovery of early-stage accounts receivables and curing of cycle payments
  • Expertise in post-charge off bad debt collections
  • Credit bureau reporting
  • Skip tracing and consumer information products
  • Highly trained collection specialists
  • Customer-centric approach to recoveries stressing education and sensitivity
  • Detailed reporting by department, division and/or organization
  • Flexible, industry-specific reporting and analytics
  • Online reporting suite for client access to web-based collection software

Consumer and Commercial

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