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Medical Device Recovery 

You lose revenue when your medical devices aren’t returned to you in a timely manner – you lose revenue opportunities to put devices to use with new patients and you incur the cost of replacement if a device is never returned. Additionally, you adversely impact your patient experience when your patients have to wait for a device (lack of availability).

BYL Collections Collections, LLC has a robust medical device recovery program to help you consistently recover your medical devices in a timely manner.

Our Solutions

  • Consistent and timely contact solutions that include:
    • Inbound/outbound call management
    • Production and delivery of letters and notices
  • Reporting and analytics capturing production and success rates
  • Management level access to work account records and call recordings to monitor production and compliance



Our goal is to provide professional and timely results that exceed your expectations. We work closely with your patients to settle billing disputes, explain statements, resolve past due balances and recover medical devices.